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Know Some of Colorado’s Famous Attractions

This an outdoor theater made purely of stone here in Red Rocks Colorado, with a semi-circle arrangement of seats looking down on the beautiful stage, and because of this, the place is one of the most famous places to visit. It is a fact that some of the most famous concerts ever performed was in the Red Rocks Amphitheater, and this is worthwhile to learn.

Seeing and being there in person is totally different that just seeing the concert in this place through television. It is said that the acoustics in the amphitheater are so pure that will make swear not to see an indoor music performance if you had known about it. Among the famous concerts that performed in the theater were by the Grateful Dead, the Beatles, Blues Traveler and Radiohead, and you will learn more that no matter what your religion is, the theater offers a service on an Easter sunrise.

The next best thing to do in Colorado is in Picketwire Canyonlands located south of the town of La Junta where you can take a gander and hang out with dinosaurs. In this place, there are more than 1,000 dinosaur footprints that you can see as you take the educational trail. There are museums near the Grand Junction town where actual bones and tracks of dinosaurs can be seen. Along the way as you explore the trail, there are fossils that commonly be seen, and this is because in the past, the whole state of Colorado was underwater. As you drive along in the town of Morrison, you will be able to see tons of fossils thereby fitting to call the road as dinosaur highway.

If your thrill is in driving, you will like Colorado with its road considered as the highest pave in America. We are talking of the Mount Evans Scenic Byway which has a parking area at 14,000 feet and then you can walk up a 14,264 feet trail peak.

The state of Colorado is best for individuals who are outdoor lovers, because of the state’s best attractions in terms of mountain s and scenery.

The Arkansas River gets a true adventurer covered during months of June to September with its class 5 rapids that you can experience, and have later on a leisurely dinner through riverboat companies offering cruise.

Note that there are different rafting services that will offer great deals, so it is best to scout for them if you are palnning to book a river adventure.

When you are in Colorado, you can also step into the Old West by taking a historical train that follows the Cumbres Scenic Railroad in the town of Antonito and also there is a Georgetown Loop where cowboys once traveled.

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