I No Longer Have Thinning Hair

Having thinning hair is not pleasant for anyone, I would imagine. I know for a fact that it is very hard to have hair that has thinned when you are a female. When I was younger, I had really thick hair. If anyone would have told me then that I would have thinning hair not even two decades later, I would not have believed them. That was my reality though. I thought that I was just doomed to having thinning hair, but that changed when I saw an advertisement for some aesthetic doctors in Singapore.

It was an ad for a laser and aesthetics clinic that is actually not that far from me. I had passed it dozens of times without even realizing what all they do there. I thought it was more of a spa, but it turns out that it is a clinic that has helped me with my self esteem more than anything else could have. I saw on this ad that they treat people with thinning hair or even hair loss. I did not have any bald patches on my scalp, but I did have the thinning issues where my scalp could be seen.

The first thing my doctor there did was some blood work to determine what the cause of my thinning hair was. It was not due to any medical reasons, so he surmised that it must be genetic in my family. That was the same conclusion I had come to because all of my female cousins have had the same problem as they all got older. I ended up having hair laser therapy, and it really worked wonders for me. I was able to take the device home with me, and I even take it when I have to travel for more than a day because of work. It has restored a lot of my hair, which has made me feel so much better about myself.

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