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Controlling Canada Opioid Crisis

The Canadian government and populace is suffering a Canada opioid crisis following the immense death cases reported daily and yearly due to the abuse of opioids. Basically, there is need to examine whether the opioid crisis will overly shorten the life expectancy of the general populaces as the opioid related deaths are overly increasing. The catastrophe has affected a lot of people from different provinces and territories. The government more so the Public Health Agency of Canada need to come up with strategies that will help reduce the opioid related harm and deaths.

2017 recorded an average of 4000 opioid related deaths which were 34% increment from the summative deaths reported in 2016. Some of the registered deaths were deliberately influenced while majority of them were accidental. The use of fentanyl has overly contributed to these severe consequences of opioid deaths and has been one of the primary causes of these accidental deaths. Basically, Canada is ranked second after the US in opioid related deaths and prescriptions. In 2017, over 21 million opioid prescriptions were administered.

The government is responsible of identifying ways and strategies through which fentanyl shall be dispensed from the streets hence reducing these accidental opioid related deaths. Most of the fentanyl available in the streets comes from china, US and other countries. Therefore, the government is overly determined to enhance their border securities in order to prevent fentanyl from being smuggled into Canada through the borders.

The federal budget allocated to the opioid epidemic this year was $232 million. This money will be scattered amongst the provinces and territories of Canada and all border points eyeing at availing information, data, treatment and eventually enhancing security. $150 million has been allocated to all provinces and territories in order to help avail treatment for all the addicts and opioids affected persons. Around $32 million has been set aside for the enhancing of security measures in order to combat the overall smuggling of fentanyl into Canada.

Controlling and helping the opioid addiction has been made possible through the prescription of heroin and methadone to the affected persons. This comes after the government legalized the prescription of these medical drugs. This will help reduce the number of mortalities recorded every day and every month. The government will always help teach and train the general populaces on the effects of fentanyl and how it affects persons using opioids.

Many family members have suffered the sudden death of their loved ones and so is the country sat large. Therefore, the government must lay strategies and reliable plans that will help reduce and eventually control opioid related deaths. There is need for the citizens to collaborate with the government plan.

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