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Essential Differences You Must Know About The Ancient Apothecary and The Current Pharmacies

With well-built hospitals and pharmacies to buy our drugs, the thought of where the idea of a drug shop came from is unlikely to bother your minds. What today is a pharmacy used to be called an apothecary in ancient times. At rare occasions you may find a pharmacy which markets itself as an apothecary. The word apothecary would be used to refer to someone who used to distribute drugs in the ancient times. When you read more you learn that an apothecary is what is called a pharmacy in the modern world. Also you will discover that an apothecary used to majorly deal with herbal medicine which currently is carried out by pharmaceutical organizations. This website is going to enlighten you by providing more info about the modern pharmacies and their main root which is the apothecary.

Apart from distribution, an apothecary used to act as a manufacturing company for its own drugs. The apothecaries made the same drugs that they distributed unlike the pharmacies. In the old times when some of the illegal drugs such as tobacco were useful in treating some disease they were sold through the apothecaries.

Another major difference between a pharmacy and an apothecary is that an apothecary is more of a pharmaceutical industry. Unlike a pharmacy, an apothecary had the ability to blend drugs according to how a doctor wants them. Other than the work of distribution, an apothecary would also treat diseases. They also had the expertise to manufacture some drugs such as alcohol. Here, you discover more than with time the apothecaries ceased to exist and in their place emerged the modern day pharmacies.

Other than offering prescription, the apothecaries used to treat diseases. The origin of the modern pharmacy is the ancient apothecary. Apothecaries were replaced by the current pharmacies due to the growing needs of the people. Apothecaries had the major role of distributing medicine before the emergence of pharmacies. The apothecary is the main origin of the modern day medical industry.

Unlike most pharmaceutical industries the apothecaries used natural herds to make their own medicine. The drugs used to have very fewer side effects as they were made from natural herbs. Now, with industrial revolution there was an increase in production of the drugs due to better means of producing them. Unlike modern days there was a direct interaction between a patient and the apothecary as they would dispense the medicine to where the patients have requested them to. A a patient has to go see a doctor in the modern world or go to the pharmacy to get drugs. This page provides you with information about the emergence of the modern pharmacies.

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